Here is a network of body workers and holistic health practitioners that we recommend. They can assist you in achieving total well being and health. Below you will find a range of services on offer.



Studio / Mobile / Corporate Massage / Workshops & Presentations


The act of being touched is an important and under valued part of our lives. Shiatsu therapy is the art of Touch.

Shiatsu Therapy is effective in treating:

  • Physical tension held in the body
  • Calming the mind
  • Assisting organ function (Breathing, Digestion, Elimination etc.)
  • Headache relief
  • Sleep disorders
  • Facilitating a state of consciousness that brings clarity and allows you to make better life decisions.

Link McElvenny’s private studio is located at the Australian Shiatsu College (103 Evans St) in Brunswick. If you'd like more information or would like to make an appointment, you can contact him via email:


Mobile Shiatsu and seated massage at your home. Requires a 3m x 4m clear space for set up. Extra charges apply in relation to the distance from our Brunswick clinic.



Our team of body workers will come to your workplace and offer 10 – 20 min seated massages for your staff. Professional equipment including music and aromatherapy. Through our comprehensive lifestyle coaching service we establish a relationship with your staff and provide ongoing performance enhancing effects for your company.



Link McElvenny and Jeremy Nemeh offer private and group workshops and educational presentations. These workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the participants. Here is a list of some of the areas we cover:

  • Shiatsu Therapy
  • Self Shiatsu
  • Stretching as Massage
  • Meditation
  • Oriental Meridian Therapy (Diagnosis and Treatment)
  • Advanced Dry Needling Techniques




Acupuncture / Craniosacral Therapy / Naturopathy / Yoga Teacher

Clinic locations: 

103 Evans St Brunswick 3095  Ph 0409 599 477

431 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham 3132  Ph 03 9873 0966



Originating in China, Acupuncture is now used the world over to maintain health

and treat imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. It helps to free the energy and 

aid in the recovery of many ailments.



A gentle, subtle and powerful hands on energy therapy. Craniosacral helps you to

access your body’s own resources to aid in your healing process. You connect 

deeply with yourself, and in so doing, move towards being more integrated and 

more whole. Appropriate for babies, children, adults, in pregnancy and in the




Helping the body to heal itself with appropriate changes to diet and lifestyle and

remedies to aid and support the self in the process.



Gentle flowing yoga focusing on the breath, core stability, strength and flexibility. 

Yoga you can do. Everyone! And gain immediate benefits. 

Classes are held at the Australian Shiatsu College, 103 Evans St Brunswick on:

  •      Tuesday 7.30am to 8.30am
  •      Tuesday 9am to 10.30am
  •      Thursday 7.30pm to 9pm



vibrant naturopathics-rebecca van horsen




Offering training and diploma courses in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. The College directors are wonderful human beings and the atmosphere is nurturing and supportive. I couldn't recommend this course highly enough. If you are at all interested in studying I encourage you to visit the college and have a chat with Jenny or Maree. Studying here was a turning point in my life and I cherish the time I spent studying there.

Contact: 03 93871161