In this episode we talk to Jody about his emergence as a natural accented hip hop artist in New Zealand. Getting signed to a major label in the early stages of his career and dealing with a local hip hop community that didn't always agree with his style and approach. We also discuss what it means to be an artist and the difficulties one faces when trying to self-produce, promote and perform original music.

This one goes deep. Jody opens up in a really vulnerable way. And his dry wit and hilarious stories had me doubled over with laughter quite a few times during the interview. 

Through out the interview you'll hear a selection of Jody's back catalogue of music.


Here is the track listing in chronological order: 

A List of Poems - (Trillion - SILENTinvisible)

Empty Hands - (Trillion - Loops of Love)

White Whine - (Dark Tower - Real Zeal Men)

When I was a Kid - (Dark Tower - Dark World)

Wind of Change - (Dark Tower - Dark World)

Fleecing the sheep - (Trillion - SILENTinvisible)

Hollow Moon - (Trillion - SILENTinvisible)

Secluded Lives - (Trillion - SILENTinvisible)

Lonely Road - (Trillion - SILENTinvisible)

Move your hips - (Trillion - Loops of Love)

The Recipe for a perfect nap - (Trillion - Loops of Love)

Sunshine - (Trillion - SILENTinvisible)


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**The Alan Moore sample at the end of the episode is from "The Mindscape of Alan Moore". This is a brilliant documentary. I highly recommend it for those familiar with his work or not. He is my favourite writer and an absolute master of the graphic novel. His work includes V for Vendetta, The Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. The film adaptations pale in comparison to the original graphic novels which are all great works of literature.