Episode 49 – Charlie Carlos

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The Story:

A man steps off an aeroplane in a foreign country, with little more than a few bags, a few changes of clothes. This man is no stranger to foreign countries, having travelled through his own country as a child, with his belongings stuffed in the back of a Mazda MQ, and just recently has skipped from the beaches of Sri Lanka to the ghettoes of Los Angeles. An experienced traveller with all of his bridges burnt, within days he is forming sentences in the land he has just discovered. The land is Mexico, and that man’s name is “Charlie”, but in Mexico he goes by “Carlos”. This fellow is a rugged mix of academic theory studied in a university, and raw experience of life.

Now, upon arrival in Mexico, he realises that he has no safety net, as his government has decided to stop giving him money to study. Can he survive in a foreign country with nothing but a Tarzan-like grasp of the local language, his Tarzan-like stature, and his wits?

In this episode, Carlos tells us about his adventures in Australia, Sri Lanka, the USA, and his philosophical adventures, criticisms of the higher education system in Australia, and his ideas about ideas.

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